Christian Baudin

Doctoral Student

Department of Psychiatry and
Visiting address
SU Rättspsykiatri
Rågårdsvägen 5, Enhet CELAM, Hus 1 Gunnilse
Postal address
Centrum för etik, juridik och mental hälsa Rågården, Hus 1
SU-Östra sjukhuset 416 85 Göteborg

About Christian Baudin

Christian Baudin is a licensed psychologist, a PhD in medicine and a specialist in clinical forensic psychology affiliated with Gothenburg University. He graduated from university in 2012 and received his license the year after. Doctoral studies as well as specialist training commenced in 2016 and was concluded in 2021 and 2022 respectively. The doctoral project mainly focused on recidivism and risk assessments of mentally disordered sex offenders. Today Christian works as a researcher and clinician at the the National Board of Forensic Medicine (Forensic Psychiatric Investigative department, Gothenburg), and CELAM (The Forensic Psychiatric Clinic, Sahlgrenska University hospital, Gothenburg). His main areas of research and expertise remains forensic risk assessment, mentally disordered offenders and sex offenses in general.

Research groupCELAM - Centre for ethics, law and mental health