Mikael Hilmersson


Vasagatan 1
411 24 Göteborg
Box 610
405 30 Göteborg

Om Mikael Hilmersson

Mikael defended his doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Establishment of Network Insidership Positions in Institutionally Distant Business Networks’ at Linnaeus University in 2011.

Mikael was awarded the degree of Docent by Uppsala University in 2016.

Mikael’s research is guided by three themes.

First, Mikael’s research on SME entries into distant and turbulent markets seeks to advance knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of entries into newly opened or changing markets. Under this theme, Mikael is addressing issues such as institutional turbulence, institutional distance, network positioning and uncertainty management in the SME internationalization process.

Second, Mikael’s research on speed and temporality of SME internationalization seeks to advance knowledge on the role of time in internationalization theory. Under this theme, Mikael is addressing issues such as learning advantages of newness, time compression diseconomies and market homogenization to advance knowledge regarding the role of internationalization speed for predicting SME performance.

Third, Mikael’s research on the characteristics of international opportunities seeks to advance knowledge on the heterogeneity of international market opportunities. Under this theme Mikael is addressing issues such as novel, valuable and serendipitous international opportunities. To advance knowledge with regard to heterogeneous opportunities, Mikael develops models linking opportunity characteristics, to effectuation and network theory.

Mikaels research has been published in journals such as Journal of International Marketing, International Business Review, International Small Business Journal, Management International Review, Baltic Journal of Management and European Business Review.

Mikael is a frequently engaged reviewer for various international journals and have reviewed more than 50 manuscripts since 2011. He serves at the editorial review board for Journal of International Marketing and he has been chairing several sessions at international conferences. Mikael has been engaged as supervisor of three doctoral students.

Methodologically, Mikael is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research. His research builds on the idea to sequentially combine different methods for knowledge generation.


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