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Om Mikael Hilmersson

Mikael Hilmersson is the director of the Centre of International Business Studies, and he serves as Professor of business administration, with a specialization in international business at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Prior to this position, Mikael has held positions as senior lecturer in innovation science at Halmstad University and senior lecturer in marketing at Linnaeus University, where he completed his doctoral degree in 2011. Mikael was awarded the title of docent at Uppsala University in 2016 and was declared competent as professor in international business at Linnaeus University in 2017.

Mikael’s research has been published in journals such as the Journal of International Marketing, International Business Review, International Marketing Review, Management International Review and International Small Business Journal, among others. He is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research. His research builds on the idea of sequentially combining different research methods where qualitative case studies are used to generate an in-depth understanding of the empirical field, whereas quantitative methods are used for more general results. In two review papers published in 2020, Mikael was ranked as one of the top five researchers globally on SME internationalization, and as number one in Scandinavia.

To date, Mikael has more than 7 years of full-time teaching experience at three Swedish universities. He has served as director of research, director of studies, head of programme, course leader and examiner at several courses and programmes at all academic levels. He is eagerly developing his pedagogical competences, and he works extensively with integration of research, teaching and knowledge exchanges with the industry, which often take place in LIVE case projects.

Mikael has supervised more than 100 bachelor and master theses, and he has supervised six doctoral students. He has been a faculty opponent as well as a member of doctoral grading committees. Mikael is an experienced and awarded reviewer. Since 2011 he has reviewed more than 120 manuscripts submitted to international journals, and he sits on four editorial review boards. In 2018, Mikael received the 2018 Outstanding Reviewer Award from the American Marketing Association for his services for the Journal of International Marketing.

Mikael has well developed experience communicating his research to the industry and broader society. He has been engaged as an advisor and ongoing evaluator for the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Innovation Skåne, Sahlgrenska Science Park for GU Ventures as well as for the municipality of Kalmar. He has regularly been invited to host lectures for entrepreneurs, business managers and business advisors in the innovation system.

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