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Jonas Landgren


Institutionen för tillämpad
Forskningsgången 6
41756 Göteborg
41296 Göteborg

Om Jonas Landgren

Jonas Landgren, associate professor in informatics. Head of department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg. 

Short stories in swedish about Jonas academic work:


Jonas research (2003-2017) has been focused on the use and design of information technology and services in the area of emergency-, crisis- and humanitarian- response work, with a specific attention on how to design information technology that support sensemaking-processes in time-critical, boundary-spanning and distributed work practices.

Jonas is an expert of doing on-site field studies of IT-use in response work during ongoing events, he has studied the cryptosporidium outbreak in Östersund 2010, Riots in Stockholm 2013, Forrest fires in Västmanland 2014, Ebola outbreak in Liberia 2015, Migration crisis Sweden and Jordan 2016.

Teaching and supervision He is currently course manager and/or teacher at: TIA066 - Communication Technology, at the Masters in Communication Program.  

Previous courses

TIA016 - Digital Infrastructures, at the Digital Leadership Masters program TDA486 - Human Centered Design, at the Interaction Design and Technologies Masters Program TIA008 - IT-Infrastructures, at the IT-management Masters Program