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Claes Ek


Institutionen för nationalekonomi med
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Box 640
40530 Göteborg

Om Claes Ek

I am a postdoc at the Department of Economics and am affiliated with the Centre for Collective Action Research at the University of Gothenburg. I obtained my PhD from Lund University in September 2016.

My main research interests are in the intersection between environmental and behavioral economics, with a particular focus on individual pro-environmental and prosocial behavior. One of the issues I am interested in is whether policies to encourage a particular prosocial activity spills over onto other activities - for example, if local government incentivizes recycling, will people become more or less inclined to buy organic food or bike to work?

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  • Behavioral economics, environmental economics, public economics, applied theory


  • Microeconomics, Environmental economics

Utvalda publikationer

Some Causes are More Equal than Others? The Effect of Similarity on Substitution in Charitable Giving
Ek, Claes
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 136, 2017