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Celldiscoverer 7 with LSM900 Airyscan

The CD7 is a highly automated boxed light microscope, dedicated to live cell imaging, high content screening and other large experiments. It detects type of sample, adjusts the optics accordingly and autofocuses on the sample. It also contains the sensitive LSM900 Airyscan for high resolution imaging.

With the flexible and highly automated Celldiscoverer 7 (CD 7) you can image fixed or live specimens in practically any type of sample carrier, from a single slide or dish up to large multiwell plates, using magnifications from 2.5x up to 100x.

The CD7 is a boxed microscope with barcode recognition, automatic preview scan to identify the sample carrier and calibrate it, automatic detection of type of sample bottom material and thickness and adjustment of the optics, live cell incubation, several autofocus strategies, advanced tiling and multi-position acquisition. 

This system also contains the LSM900 confocal with Airyscan 2 and the experiment designer allows you to set up imaging in blocks with different acquisition parameters. The Guided Acquisition module enables fully automated imaging setups with initial large overviews, image analysis to identify objects or events of interest in the overviews and subsequent high-resolution imaging, z-stacks etc at those identified positions.

More information can be found on Zeiss webpage.

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Video (17:44)
Presenting the CD7 - Workflow demonstration on mouse brain sections