University of Gothenburg

CD7 Image Processing and Analysis

The CD7 is run by the ZEN blue software, which offers many powerful tools to process and analyze images, including deconvolution, classical image segmentation and segmentation by machine learning.

ZEN Blue Image Analysis

The ZEN Blue Image Analysis module makes it possible to generate automatic measurement procedures, even without programming knowledge. The Image Analysis wizard guides you through the steps to create an automatic measurement program. It allows you to set up even complex measurement tasks easily. The steps of the wizard include image segmentation, object separation and measurement of geometrical or intensity features. After you have completed the setup you can apply these settings to the data to be analyzed and obtain precise measurement results. You can display the results in table and list form and export them to csv-format.

ZEN Connect

The Zen Connect module enables you to work with and combine images of practically any type: optical images, SEM, FIB-SEM, X-ray, etc. It makes it possible to zoom in from a full overview of your sample down to nanoscale details. You can manage, correct, and align these images in 2D as well as in 3D. 

Intellesis machine learning

This module enables you to use machine-learning algorithms for segmenting images using pixel-classification. It uses different feature extractors to classify pixels inside an image based on training data and the labeling provided by the user. 

APEER on-site

APEER is an online platform to create customized workflows for image processing tasks of your microscopy images. This module enables you to use modules of the APEER platform locally in ZEN.