University of Gothenburg

CD7 configuration

The CD7 is a fast and sensitive widefield microscope, with a number of transmission contrast methods and fluorescence imaging using either singleband or multiband emission filters.


The camera is an Axiocam 712 mono with a 12 megapixel cooled CMOS sensor. This sensor has 4096 × 3008 pixels with a size of 3.45 μm. 20 frames per second can be acquired in full 12-megapixel resolution mode. The bit depth can be set to 8 bit, 12 bit or 14 bit.

Fluorescence setup

LED excitation wavelengths:

385 nm, 420 nm, 470 nm, 511 nm, 567 nm, 590 nm  and 625 nm

Emission filters:

QBP 425/30 + 514/30 + 592/25 + 709/100
TBP 467/24 + 555/25 + 687/145
425 Brightline HC 
515 Brightline HC
559 Brightline HC
595 Brightline HC

Transmission setup

Transmission is done using gentle far-red LED light (725 nm) and can be done in brightfield, oblique contrast and phase-gradient contrast. The phase-gradient contrasting method gives similar images to DIC but stays robust, even against liquid meniscus or plastic lids, and does not interfere with fluorescence.