University of Gothenburg

LSM900 Airyscan 2 configuration

LSM900 Airyscan 2 is integrated in the Celldiscoverer 7 box. It allows you to easily set up your confocal imaging using either regular channel detection or spectral imaging. It is also possible to analyze dynamic processes in living samples with photomanipulation for FRAP, FRET or related techniques.

Fluorescence excitation

There are four diode lasers, enabling the excitation and imaging of most fluorophores:

  • 405 nm
  • 488 nm
  • 561 nm
  • 640 nm

Fluorescence detection

There are three detectors, the 32 channel Airyscan detector (se below) and two multialkali PMT detector. The emission range is easily set by sliders in the Zen software. This is enabled by two variable beam splitter dichroics (VSDs), which divert spectral ranges of the emission light.

Airyscan 2

The Airyscan 2 detector is a spatial detection 32 channels GaAsP detector with up to 1.5× improved resolution and 4-8× improved signal-to-noise ratio. In the Airyscan Multiplex mode up to 8 images/sec with 512 × 512 pixels can be acquired.