Students at a café abroad, studying together.
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Exchange opportunities

Did you know that as a degree-seeking student at the University of Gothenburg you can do an exchange abroad? You can study at one of our partner universities around the world and get your credits recognized within your degree from the University of Gothenburg. You also have opportunities for an internship at a company or organization abroad.


Live on campus in Sydney, get to know Shanghai's bustling streets, study fine art in Italy or science in Ghana. The University of Gothenburg has exchange agreements with 1,100 higher education institutions around the globe. The majority of the agreements are in Europe, but there are also exchange opportunities in more remote locations, like New Zealand and Greenland.

The universities you can choose from depends on your field of study at the University of Gothenburg.

No tuition fees and no prolonged study period

Studying abroad through our exchange agreements means that you do not have to pay regular student tuition at the host institution. Moreover, for most of the exchange opportunities within Europe, you will also receive a grant that covers the extra cost of living abroad.

Since you can apply the credits you earn abroad towards your degree at the University of Gothenburg, going on an exchange will not delay your expected graduation date.

Internships and field studies

An internship at an organization or a company abroad gives you the opportunity to test your skills in a real-life situation. You will be one step closer to working life and gain access to an international network that you can greatly benefit from in your future career.

There are many opportunities. You can receive a placement at an EU institution, conduct field studies in a developing country (Minor Field Studies), or receive an Erasmus placement at a company or an organization. It is even possible to carry out the Erasmus placement after you have completed your studies.

Several of the internship opportunities and the field studies include scholarships or internship salaries.

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Start planning well in advance

Many of the programmes at the University of Gothenburg have a recommended semester for exchange studies. Some programmes include internships as part of the education, and you can choose to do these abroad. The opportunities differ among the educations, so you need to find out what is possible for the programme you intend to take. Please contact the Study Counsellors if you have any questions.

In most cases, you need to apply before you can go abroad. Instructions and dates for applications differ among exchange studies, internships, and field studies. Usually, applications for exchange studies are to be submitted one or two semesters before the planned period abroad. Make sure you plan for your semester abroad as early as possible. You´ll find more information about applications and important dates on this page in the Student portal.

Support for students with disabilities

If you have a permanent disability and receive Study support support during your studies at the University of Gothenburg, you can usually also receive support at the host university while studying abroad. Read more about Study support at the Student Portal.