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General questions about university studies

Do you want to study at our university, but are unsure what subjects we offer that you are interested in? We're here to help you, with general study counselling!

Our general study counsellors can help you if:

  • You have general questions about university studies in Sweden
  • You are wondering if the course/programme you are studying is right for you
  • You are unsure about your choice of studies or career.

Study counsellors in the university's subject areas

If you have an idea of what you want to study or have questions about a specific subject area or programme of study, please contact the study counsellor for that subject area directly.

Questions about subjects, courses or programmes

Schedule an appointment

On the Timecenter page, you can choose which of the forms of study counselling below will suit you the best: Schedule an appointment (through Timecenter). Everything you say and communicate to us is protected by our obligation of confidentiality.

Short questions on practical matters via telephone (15 minutes)

Choose a time that suits you and we will call you to speak over the phone.

Counselling via Zoom (60 minutes)

For you who have in-depth questions about the education system in Sweden and about your choice of study or future career. We can share screens, send files and use various guidance tools. 
Download Zoom (external site) to connect.

Counselling via telephone (40 minutes)

For you who have in-depth questions, but do not have access to Zoom. We guide you with our mere voice as a tool.

Prepare your study counselling appointment

To get the most out of your appointment, it is a good idea to prepare yourself in advance as follows:

Think about your expectations, what you want to get out of the appointment. Write down any questions that you may have. If your questions relate to a specific subject, programme or course, you should instead schedule an appointment with the study counsellor for that subject area.

Questions about subjects, courses or programmes

Find the courses and programmes of study at the University of Gothenburg here: Course and Programme Search

Find the courses and programmes of study at other universities here: Search programmes at

If you would like our assistance as a sounding board regarding your choice of course/programme and help with choosing, bring information about the courses/programmes you might be interested in to us. If you have any questions about a specific course/programme, you should schedule an appointment with the study counsellor for that course/programme.

Questions about subjects, courses or programmes

If you would like career advice, please bring with you information about the careers you are interested in, if you have already come that far in the process. You’ll find examples of websites where you can read more about various careers here:

If you don’t have any idea about what career or profession you might like to choose, we can still help you.

This is only available in Swedish, but if you are able to read Swedish, this guide can provide some assistance in choosing what to study. The study counsellors here at the University are also more than happy to provide support to you on the pathway to your decision.

SACO's Guide till studievalet