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Photo: Hampus Fredman

Oskar - new PhD student focused on land use, accessibility and mobility in relation to sports and outdoor recreation


Oskar Abrahamsson is a new PhD student in Human Geography. He has lived in Gothenburg for the past five years, but grew up in Uddevalla, on the coast north of Gothenburg. He has studied the Bachelor's program in Geography and then the Master's Program in Geography, both at the University of Gothenburg and he received his Master's degree in June 2020.

Photo of Oskar Abrahamsson
Oskar Abrahamsson

- The interest in continuing the academic path grew during the Master's program when I got to more independently familiarize myself with the research context in geography. In the end, it felt quite natural to apply for a doctoral position at the Unit for Human Geography - somehow I now feel quite at home in the geographical approach, even if I am far from fully trained, says Oskar.

During his four years in the PhD program, Oskar will be part of a larger interdisciplinary research program that is externally funded by Mistra. The program, Mistra Sport & Outdoors, aims to develop new knowledge for how sports and outdoor recreational activities can be more sustainable, primarily from an environmental perspective. Based on two research themes within the program - “Sustainable transport solutions” and “Sustainable use of land and water” - Oskar's research will frame issues related to land use, accessibility and mobility in relation to sports and outdoor recreation.

- Above all, I look forward to deepening my academic knowledge and getting acquainted with new research problems that I have not previously come across. I also look forward to being able to get out on the "field", as an important part of Human Geographical research is to be engaged in site-specific problems, says Oskar.