University of Gothenburg

Doctoral theses from previous years

Doctoral theses presented at the School of Business, Economics and Law

Stefania Galli, economic history
”A Black Utopia? Social Stratification in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Sierra Leone”

Aineas Mallios, business administration
”Licensing Games”

Savvas Papadopoulos, business administration
”Essays on behavioral determinants of earnings quality”

Knut Ola Naastad Strøm, economic history
“Between the devil and the deep blue sea: Trade negotiations between the Western Allies and the Scandinavian neutrals, 1914-1919”

Parviz Alizada, business administration
“Essays in trade financing and trade relationships”

Eyoual Demeke, economics
”Essays on Environmental and Behavioral Economics”

Sandra  Samuelsson, business administration
”Unpacking inscriptions – A sociomateriality perspective on the design process of a milk package”

Tamás Kiss, economics
”Predictability in Equity Markets: Estimation and Inference”

Bianca Koroschetz, business administration
“Exploring the (re-)configuration of environmentally unsustainable practices”

Gabriella Wulff, business administration
"Behind the Scenes of Transparency – A Study of a Swedish Denim Company"

Tormod Otter Johansen, public law
”Förvaltning som verksamhet – bidrag till offentligrättens allmänna läror”

Natalia Kostitcyna, business administration
”Essays on Bank Funding Strategies”

Maksym Khomenko, economics
“Essays on the Design of Public Policies and Regulations”

Hannes Lenk, international law
”The EU investment court system. A viable reform initiative?”

David Ryffé, public law
”Omöjligt uppdrag. Om rättslig styrning och normkollisioner i skolans kompensatoriska uppdrag”

Anna Grzelec, business administration
“Organizing Creativity and Creative Organizing at a high tech company”

Hanna Borgblad, business administration
“Exchangification of art: transforming street art into market products”

Erik Gustafsson, innovation, entrepreneurship and management of intellectual capital
“Fashioning a Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneur?”

Kamran Rashidi, business administration
”Sustainable supplier selection in the logistics industry”