West Link
Photo: Sara Sandbacka

The School's new building unaffected by cancelled contract


On Tuesday, the Swedish Transport Administration announced that it has cancelled the contract with its procured contractor AGN Haga for work on the Haga part of the West Link. Currently, Akademiska Hus does not believe this will have a direct impact on construction of the School of Business, Economics and Law’s new building.

The Transport Administration announced on 24th of January that it has chosen to cancel the contract with AGN Haga, the procured contractor for the Haga part of the West Link. The contract was for work on the actual tunnel. Akademiska Hus and Serneke are the co-contractors with the Transport Administration for the Haga station entrance to the West Link. This entrance is being integrated into the School’s new building.

The project for the School’s new building continues as planned with Serneke. Currently, Akademiska Hus does not believe the change in contractor for the tunnel will have any direct impact. The excavation work being done for the entrance to the station under the School’s new building is an entirely separate contract from the work with the tunnel.