Rektor Eva Wiberg installerar ny professor vid professorsinstallationen 2023
Former Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg installs a new professor at the Inauguration of new professors 2023.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Inauguration of New Professors

The annual Inauguration of new professors is a ceremony where the University of Gothenburg installs and welcomes all new professors who have been appointed during the previous year. Those new professors who wish can choose to participate in this ceremonial event. The ceremony takes place at the Concert Hall on Götaplatsen in Gothenburg and is followed by a mingle in the same building.

Only those who have been permanently employed as professors or appointed as artistic professors during the previous year are installed at the ceremony. Adjunct professors and guest professors, who have been appointed by the vice-chancellor, also participate by being welcomed one by one on stage by the rector.

Short films of each professor are shown during the installation ceremony. See the films from the last few years 

Invitations 2024

The Inauguration of new professors 2024 will take place in a ceremonial event at the Gothenburg Concert Hall at Götaplatsen on June 12, 2024.

Invitations are sent out at the beginning of the year. There you will find all the information about the preparations for the ceremony and instructions on how to register for it.

All new professors are invited: guest professors, adjunct, promoted and appointed professors. You who are to be installed or welcomed at the ceremony can invite guests.

The ceremony

The ceremony is led by vice-chancellor Malin Broberg, who installs and welcomes the professors from one faculty at a time, first the regular professors and then the adjunct and guest professors. After the installation part, she highlights excellent teachers and pedagogical award winners who come up on stage.

The ceremony has a musical setting with entertainment by students from the Academy of Music and Drama. When the ceremony is over, you and one guest are invited to a light reception in the foyer of the Concert Hall. You are welcome to bring many guests to the ceremony, there is plenty of space in the hall, but if more of your guests want to attend the reception afterwards, we will need to charge a fee for it. The same applies to excellent teachers and pedagogical award winners. Details about this will be included in the invitation.

You register yourself and your guests for the installation ceremony via a link that you receive in your invitation. If you are unable to attend this year’s ceremony, you can choose not to be installed this year and receive an invitation to next year’s ceremony instead. A prerequisite for this is that you are still employed as a professor at the university.


Before the installation ceremony, an information and rehearsal meeting is held in Torgny Segerstedt Hall in the main building in Vasaparken on May 28 16:00–17:00.

Dress code for professors

The recommended dress code for the inauguration of new professors is formal attire, i.e., tailcoat (white vest), long dress or equivalent, for those who participate on stage as professors. The choice of dress color is free, but it should be a really festive floor-length dress. Color and pattern are optional. Two-piece is also fine.

It is also possible to wear a foreign academic dress such as cap-and-gown.

For those who will be installed: When choosing a dress, keep in mind that you will be standing in the spotlight on stage. You should feel that your attire is both comfortable and dignified in context.

Dress code for others

The university management and deans have their official robes. Doctoral hats are not worn by those sitting on stage during the ceremony, but can be worn by those who wish to do so offstage. Your guests are dressed in summer formal attire, but usually do not wear tailcoats and long dresses.

For award winners the dress code recommendation is dark suit. For guests the dress code is blazer. Read more about dress recommendations for our ceremonies here.

Gathering on June 12

The Inauguration of new professors will be held on June 12 at the Concert Hall at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg. The Concert Hall opens at 13.00, all new professors should be in place no later than 13.15. We gather in the foyer of Stenhammarsalen, i.e., to the left immediately inside the entrance to the Concert Hall’s large foyer.

Important dates

• 19 March – Registration due date
• 27 March – Last day to submit biographical outline

• 10 May – Last day to pay fee for guests
• 28 May – Rehearsal meeting
• 12 June – Inauguration of New Professors

For more information e-mail us at

Security – New Guidelines for the Inauguration

Please note that all mobile numbers must be registered when making the reservation. To enter the Concert Hall, all guests must present their ticket at the entrance. Tickets will be available on mobile devices, or alternatively, guests can show a printed confirmation.

Regarding the general ban on bags in event venues, guests are allowed to bring only a handbag into the Concert Hall. Please inform your guests about this. If there are any new national security directives, we must all adapt accordingly.