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Researching digital education practices – The IUDE framework

Education and learning

The aim of this lecture is to give a theoretical and methodological introduction in platform studies; that is, in providing adequate tools in order to qualitatively research ‘digital education platforms’.

17 nov 2022
09:30 - 11:45
IT Faculty, Lindholmsplatsen 1, room: Quark OR online on Zoom
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Mathias Decuypere, professor at KU Leuven, Belgien

In a first part, a conceptual elaboration of what digital education platforms are (and do) will be provided. In a second part, through a series of worked examples, the IUDE (Interface-Usage-Design-Ecology) framework will be presented; a methodological framework
that allows to research digital education platforms from a variety of analytical perspectives.

Mathias Decuypere is professor of Qualitative Research in Education (Tenure track), Methodology of Educational Sciences Research Group at KU Leuven, Belgium. A short bio can be found here:


09:30-10:30 Keynote by Mathias Decuypere

10:3-11:00 Coffee and talk

11:00-11:45 Discussion with Mathias


Decuypere, M. (2021). The topologies of data practices: A methodological introduction. Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research, 10(1), 67-84. doi: 10.7821/naer.2021.1.650

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