Grafisk bild med vit bakgrund och grön text med information om utställningen
Foto: Illustration: Ola Lindgren

"The Living End" – Examensutställning design, kandidat och master

Kultur & språk

Studenter i avgångsklasserna inom kandidatprogrammet i design och masterprogrammen Design, Embedded Design samt Child Culture Design visar sina examensprojekt.

8 jun 2022 - 11 jun 2022
HDK-Valand, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8

During four intensive days, HDK-Valand's premises on Kristinelundsgatan will be filled with new, exciting, challenging perspectives on what design can be, how the concept of design will shape the future - and not least what the concept of design means today.

In this time, graduating students from four different design programs (BFA Design, MFA Design, MFA Embedded Design and MFA Child Culture Design) who complete their education which has been characterised by the pandemic, will exhibit their project.
Expect high density, expansion and friction.

the living end means the utmost in any situation, something quite extraordinary;

Welcome to the living end.

Official opening:
June 8, at 18:00

Opening hours:
June 8: 17:00–20:00
June 9: 16:00–20:00
June 10: 16:00–20:00
June 11: 10:00–18:00