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University of Gothenburg
Tjärnö Marine Laboratory and research vessel Nereus
Tjärnö Marine Laboratory and R/V Nereus.
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Marine Infrastructure

The Department of Marine Sciences is the host department for the Marine Infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg, which is a national and international resource for research, education, innovation and cooperation within the marine sciences. The infrastructure consists of three parts: the two marine stations Kristineberg Marine Research Station and Tjärnö Marine Laboratory, and the larger research vessel R/V Skagerak.

Two marine stations

The marine stations at Kristineberg and on Tjärnö are two of Europe’s most modern marine laboratories, with unique possibilities to conduct advanced experimental work. Both stations have a well-developed running sea-water system, scientific laboratories of high international standard, high-tech instrumentation as well as accommodation and a restaurant.

A number of researchers active in marine sciences are working at the stations, in fields such as marine biology, marine chemistry, oceanography and marine geology. The stations have a large number of laboratories supplied with water from the surface and sea bottom drawn directly from the Gullmar fjord respectively the Koster fjord. In many of them, both air and water temperatures can be controlled along with light levels.

Outdoor experimental facilities consist of a greenhouse and installations for what is known as open-tank experimentation ("ecotrons") with access to a through-flowing supply of both surface and deep water.

The marine stations have disposal over the two smaller research vessels Nereus and Oskar, and over a number of smaller boats. The stations also have ROVs.

Experienced technical and administrative personnel are at hand to offer help and advice. The workshop personnel are able to help both with new construction and repair of the equipment. The boat crews will gladly share their experience of collecting marine material, and how heavy and delicate testing equipment should be handled.

R/V Skagerak

R/V Skagerak is the University of Gothenburg’s larger research vessel for education and research within the marine sciences, for example marine chemistry, oceanography, marine geology and marine ecology. R/V Skagerak is 49-metre-long, 11 metres wide and with a displacement of 1000 tonnes. The vessel has a crew of 5 and can accommodate 16 researchers and students. Home port is Nya Varvet in Gothenburg.

R/V Skagerak has advanced technical equipment, such as hydroacoustic measurement instruments, several modern laboratories, and a quarterdeck suitable for deployment of autonomous underwater vessels.


The Marine Infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg is a university-wide research infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg. The Department of Marine Sciences is the host department of the Marine Infrastructure.

Director for the Marine Infrastructure is Fredrik Gröndahl.

Steering group

The steering group shall work holistically for the progress of the research infrastructure.
From 2019-12-31 and not longer than 2025-12-31, the steering group consists of the following members:

  • Ole Arve Misund, chairman, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • Fredrik Gröndahl, director, Marine Infrastructure
  • Peter Tiselius, University of Gothenburg
  • Mats Lindegarth, University of Gothenburg (permanent scientist)
  • Lisa Jönsson Bergman, University of Gothenburg (user outside host department)
  • Anders Blomberg, University of Gothenburg (user outside host department)
  • Lena Gipperth, University of Gothenburg Centre for Sea and Society
  • Joakim Hjelm, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Clare Bradshaw, Stockholm University
  • Jessica Hjerpe Olausson, Region Västra Götaland
  • Ida-Maja Hassellöv, Chalmers University of Technology

and adjunct or non-voting members:

  • Head of Department, host department
  • Kerstin Johannesson, University of Gothenburg (Station Manager, Tjärnö)
  • Per Hall, University of Gothenburg (acting station manager, R/V Skagerak)


Station Managers

Station Manager Kristineberg Marine Research Station

Fredrik Gröndahl

Station Manager Tjärnö Marine Laboratory

Kerstin Johannesson

Acting Station Manager R/V Skagerak

Per Hall