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Kristineberg Center

Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation

Kristineberg, founded in 1877, is one of the oldest marine stations in the world with a longstanding reputation of pioneering research. Today we provide researchers, education, industry, and entrepreneurs with world-class marine infrastructure, services, and expertise.

At Kristineberg you'll find laboratories, test sites, advanced equipment and research vessels, which provide excellent conditions for research, education, and innovation. We're located at the mouth of the Gullmar fjord, providing swift access to offshore test sites, sheltered waters, and the biodiverse marine environments of the Gullmar fjord.

Our offer

Infrastructure and services

World-class experimental facility featuring natural, running surface and deep water in our labs and temperature-regulated rooms. We provide wet and dry labs, outdoor experimental areas, and an offshore test site, as well as access to our research vessel and smaller boats. The center also features a deep-water port that accommodates large scientific vessels. Kristineberg is also home to Sweden’s largest scientific diving facility, capable of conducting advanced diving missions and training courses in scientific diving and underwater documentation.

Cutting-edge research and innovation

The center is popular among international guest researchers who come to collaborate with our resident researchers and use the infrastructure. Here, you'll find expertise and research projects across diverse marine areas, including the development of new materials and foods from the sea, studying the climate’s impact on marine life, and advancing underwater robotics.

Location and unique environments

The centre is situated to provide unparalleled access to a diverse array of marine environments, habitats, and both offshore conditions and sheltered waters. Additionally, it is uniquely positioned at the Gullmar fjord with depths reaching up to 120 meters, providing access to deep sea species, complemented by a data series spanning over 100 years.

Stay, work and live at Kristineberg

Researchers, students, and guests can stay overnight at the station and enjoy meals at our cozy on-site restaurant. We offer different type of rooms with all the essential comforts. For long-term stays, Skaftö and Lysekil offers services such as schools, healthcare, and public transport. There is a ferry that goes from Lysekil straight to the station's pier. Kristineberg is not just a research station; it’s a vibrant place to live and work.

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