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University of Gothenburg

R/V Skagerak

Research Vessel Skagerak at home port Nya Varvet

R/V Skagerak is the University of Gothenburg’s larger research vessel for education and research within the marine sciences, for example marine chemistry, oceanography, marine geology and marine ecology. R/V Skagerak is 49-metre-long, 11 metres wide and with a displacement of 1000 tonnes. The vessel has a crew of 5 and can accommodate 16 researchers and students. Home port is Nya Varvet in Gothenburg.

The University of Gothenburg owns and coordinates the scientific work on board Skagerak. The University of Gothenburg has commissioned Northern Offshore Services to staff the vessel, and to be responsible for maritime safety.

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R/V Skagerak can be localized on Marine Traffic's live map.