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Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

The School of Business, Economics and Law has a leading role in the international work with goal 8, which is coordinated by the University of Gothenburg. There is research related to goal 8 at all departments and units within the School.

Examples of research

Business Administration
Within the Department of Business Administration, research is conducted on labor market mobility, structural transformation, Human Resource Management. There is also research that studies entrepreneurship and growth companies, governance and regulation of banks and extensive research in tourism and trade. The Centre for Tourism and the Centre for Retailing are two centers linked to the department.

SDG 8 is an important area for all researchers within development economics and the department studies questions such as: How do different policies affect productivity and economic growth? What explains why some countries remain poor while others have enjoyed strong economic growth? What role can investment, trade and aid/development cooperation play?

Economy and society
The department has strong research in innovation and entrepreneurship. It hosts the Center for knowledge-Intensive Innovation Ecosystems (U-GOT KIES), where the research revolves around knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems, how they affect the prosperity of societies and how they create the conditions for economic growth.

Environment for Development (EfD)
EfD is a global network of research centers that contribute to solving the world’s most pressing environmental and development challenges through policy-relevant research, capacity development and policy engagement. EfD’s research addresses the most important sustainability challenges. The research focuses on applying economic tools to contribute to better policies for sustainable development in the Global South. Within this framework, a wide range of orientations can be accommodated.

Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI)
At GRI there are researchers from various disciplines who, among other things, study AI in society, entrepreneurial finance and extensive consumption research within the Centre for Consumption Research.

At the Department of Law, there is extensive research related to information systems and safety in transport. There is also research on legality and proportionality in work environment supervision.

The symbol for SDG 8

Researchers at the School of Business and Economics involved in the SDG8 initiative at the University

Ola Olsson, Professor in economics

Thomas Sterner, Professor in environmental economics

Pelle Ahlerup, Senior Lecturer in economics,

Heather Congdon Fors, Senior Lecturer in economics

Stefan Tengblad, Professor in Human Resource Management

Erik Lundberg, PhD, researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Tourism

Chiara Rinaldi, researcher, Gothenburg Research Institute