University of Gothenburg

Department of Law


The Department of Law is part of the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Legal education and research have been conducted in Gothenburg since the School was founded in 1923.

A complete LL.M. Programme has been offered since 1991 and Gothenburg is one of the six university cities in Sweden that are authorised to issue a Master of Laws Degree. The Department of Law also offers doctoral studies leading to Doctor of Laws Degree or Licenciate of Laws Degree.

The Department has expanded greatly over the last few years and it is steadily growing with new researchers and lecturers joining the staff. Today, there are more than 90 employees, approximately 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students and around 20 doctoral students.

Subject groups

Research activities at the Department of Law are based on the central disciplinary building blocks that form the basis of a complete law degree. This means that the department strives to maintain and strengthen the design of research environments in the areas on which the basic education is based.  

It is the department's goal that in all these areas of law there should be a strong research environment consisting of senior researchers (one or more professors and one or more associate professors) who ensure that the education is based on solid and research-related legal knowledge.