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University of Gothenburg

Productions Contemporary Performative Arts

Find graduation projects by our current students and alumni.

Projects spring 2018

Examinations 19-23 February 2018 and 14-18 May 2018

Annika Britt Lewis: The Performance Hydra

Josefine Chiacchiero: Sounds of Foothold

Camilla Ekelöf: In Your Gaze Who Do I Become?

Adriana Aburto Essén & Fabian Roos: A work-in-progress sound piece about mental illness

Georgios Giokotos: 60 sec

Anna Thunström: Heart of Light

Projects spring 2016

Examinations 8–12 February 2016 and 25–29 April 2016

Meritxell Aumedes Molinero: inhabitant

Benedikte Esperi: inSITEout

Indra Linderoth: OFF HIGHWAY

Valentina Paraskevaidou: We are all immigrants – we are all in Crisis

Cia Runesson: 14 Billion Years of Theatrical Physics!