University of Gothenburg

Anna Wennerbeck: Softening - a choreographic exploration with trees

Trees are well anchored in the soil, they do not move! Yet they move all the time, they spread and they migrate.

A hand on a birch tree
Photo: Anders Hagberg

What does it mean to take a tree’s perspective? Thinking of it, getting to know it, not from my perspective as a human being, but from the trees’ as something living, something different, that I can never really grasp.

Soft touching
   elastic moving

            gentle rocking                    releasing,          recoiling, resting,

            and connecting

My research has taken place outdoors. I have approached trees in different ways through tactile and kinesthetic sense - touching, being still with, being moved by, and moving.

The focus has been on exploring what kind of movements and choreographic materials are generated from being with trees. Parallel to this I have investigated how I connect to trees through an embodied somatic work, letting myself be influenced by them in order to get to know them.

Through this interactive performance installation I move the choreographic materials indoors, translating time and memory from the outdoor environment.


When and where:

Monday the 21st of February at 17.20 & 19
Tuesday the 22nd of February at 12.15

Duration: 40-50 minutes

Gathering in the foyer at the main entrance of Artisten. 
Maximum 15 people in the audience per occasion