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Performance art
Photo: Gunnar Jönsson

Performance practices

Doctoral education in Performance Practices addresses experienced performing artists at advanced (second cycle) level who wish to carry out an independent artistic research project on the basis of their own practice, and develop their reflection skills and critical ability.

The doctoral subject Performance Practices examines and develops forms and conditions for dramatic creation, from an artistic perspective with reference to critical and theoretical perspectives of knowledge. The subject comprises dramatic performance practices within a variety of disciplines and genres. Our aim is to educate artistic researchers to have the ability to examine issues that are significant to this art form, to contribute to the base of knowledge and method development in this field and in the field of artistic research, to contribute to the development of the dramatic arts and to promote the development of teaching in the different forms of the dramatic arts.

Applicants should be able to show evidence of solid experience and artistic excellence in the dramatic arts, as well as a documented interest in the issues, critical discussion and development processes surrounding the dramatic arts. We will primarily give priority to performing artists i.e. actors, performers, singers etc.

Since 2010, there are two different research profiles, i.e. one that leads to a doctoral degree in the arts, i.e. a Doctor of the Arts. The main focus of the doctoral degree in the arts is an artistic production/manifestation that is documented and reflected upon.

The doctoral programme is located at the Academy of Music and Drama, in close connection with the undergraduate (first cycle) and master's (second cycle) programmes in theatre, opera, musical theatre and music – and several doctoral subjects.

Admissions to PHD programmes

When can you apply?

Students are only accepted to the Academy of Music and Drama's Ph.D. Programmes when a special call for applicants has been issued. 

The next round of admissions will be announced on the home page of the Academy of Music and Drama.

Applicants with guaranteed external funding can apply each year. For more information read the "Rules and regulations for third-cycly studies at the University of Gothenburg". 

Doctoral candidate positions

When openings in the PhD Programmes are advertised, doctoral candidate positions for the same duration as the Ph.D. Programme requires (i.e., four years) will also be advertised. This means that Ph.D. students and doctoral candidates will be employed for a fixed four-year term and at a fixed salary. The starting salary is SEK 28,050 per month. Once a student has completed 50% of the Ph.D. Programme, their monthly salary will be raised to SEK 30,450. Once 80% of the programme has been completed, it will be raised again to SEK 32,900.