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Performance art
Photo: Gunnar Jönsson

Performance practices

Doctoral education in performance practices addresses experienced performing artists at advanced level (second cycle) who wish to carry out an independent artistic research project based on their own practice, and develop their critical ability.

The purpose of the doctoral education in performance practices is to – through training in relevant research methods and theories – educate researchers in performance practices with an ability to independently conduct research projects that contribute to the development of knowledge and methods in the subject area.

Doctoral projects in the subject area of performance practices explore questions with relevance for the field of the performing arts, artistic research, and society. The doctoral education in performance practices covers the whole field of the performing arts and includes all disciplines and genres.

The doctoral education in performance practices supports both interdisciplinary cross- fertilizations and specialization within the doctoral student’s specific artistic orientation. The doctoral student’s artistic work – where practice and critical reflection are considered as two cooperating parts – is central for the education.

The doctoral education in performance practices uses theories and methods from artistic research but also from other research disciplines, as well as methods developed in artistic practice. It is characterized by an ambition towards interaction and cross-fertilization between traditional artistic and scientific working methods and development of new methods. Through training in methods and theoretical constructs used in artistic research, the education provides a broadened perspective on knowledge development as well as increased knowledge and skills to conduct artistic research within the subject.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate a documented artistic practice at a high level in the performing arts field, as well as a familiarity with research-related issues and processes.

The education leads to a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts in Performance Practices, or a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Performance Practices. For more information, see the general syllabuses accessible on this web page.

The doctoral programme is located at the Academy of Music and Drama, in close connection with the undergraduate (first cycle) and master's (second cycle) programmes in theatre, opera, musical theatre and music – and several doctoral subjects.

Admissions to PhD programmes

When can you apply?

Students are only accepted to the Academy of Music and Drama's PhD Programmes when a special call for applicants has been issued.

The next round of admissions will be announced on the home page of the Academy of Music and Drama.

Applicants with guaranteed external funding can apply each year. For more information read the "Rules and regulations for third-cycle studies at the University of Gothenburg". 

Doctoral candidate positions

When openings in the PhD Programmes are advertised, doctoral candidate positions for the same duration as the PhD Programme requires (i.e., four years) will also be advertised. This means that PhD students and doctoral candidates will be employed for a fixed four-year term and at a fixed salary.