University of Gothenburg

Kristin Rode: The Clown Inside Out

An exploration into the world of clowns from a practitioner’s perspective

Kristin Rode

"Comedy is to move in the Speed of Fun: faster than your worry and louder than your critic." Christopher Bayes

With my experience of more than twenty years as a professional clown, I take my spade of knowledge to go deep down below into the mud of ideas and prejudices about the clown.

I want to shed light, clear out all weeds and years of abuse and bad reputation, and make way for some new insights. Articulate the tools of a clown in action, shed light on the logic and water the magic of the clown.

What wisdom to be nourished by can we, on this earth find through the clown?

I invite you on an odyssey where the way of the clown can be a way of managing the existential restlessness that haunts human beings.

I hope you will enjoy the trip!