University of Gothenburg

Ghazal Ramzani: Self-Portrait and Other Ruins

I look at myself and I see many bodies breathing, walking, floating, disintegrating and taking shape again. I look at myself. Are those my eyes looking back at me? I turn my gaze inwards. I draw self-portraits with eyes closed. With lights off. With no one watching.

A person and a building, double exposed

The dance project "Self-Portrait and Other Ruins" reveals, disrupts and reinscribes untold feminine stories from Iran through movement. Locating her embodied knowledge at the heart of this project, Berlin-based Iranian dancer and choreographer Ghazal Ramzani reflects upon her individual experiences of gender and class within a historical, mythological and individual context. The project presentation includes a performance by Ghazal Ramzani, as well as the screening of a dance documentation and a short dance film choreographed and filmed in Iran.