University of Gothenburg

Ido Grinberg: Keep in Touch

A solo performance for an isolated performer that offers and explores a renewed perspective on the body that during the last two years was left outside of the frame while we were attempting to keep in touch with people through the screen.

Shapes and shadows

After two years of being exiled in our own bodies
Hiding behind the screens
Leaving our bodies outside of the frame
Always looking for new ways 
To reach 
To hold
To catch
To feel
To touch
Taking the experience of our interaction with the screen that lives 
In our bodies,
Transforming it,
Painting with the body in real time and real space, 
Creating moving sculptures that emerge, change and slowly disappear.

I want to invite you and share with you 
My research of 
Coming from the screen to the body
Coming back to the touch
Becoming a living touchscreen.