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Photo: Stig Magnus Thorsén

Musical performance and interpretation

The doctoral programme in Musical Performance and Interpretation offers the opportunity to become an artistic researcher in music. The programme addresses experienced musicians and sound artists in various genres who wish to carry out an independent artistic research project on the basis of their own practice, and to develop the knowledge and competence needed to conduct artistic research in music.

The doctoral subject Musical Performance and Interpretation takes on questions that are relevant for the field of music and society at large, and where musical practice is a decisive part for the knowledge formation.

The doctoral student’s own artistic research project is a central part of the education. Through obligatory faculty courses, the education offers knowledge and skills in research methods and theoretical constructs that are relevant for artistic research, presentation formats and collegial and cross-disciplinary co-operations. The activities organized by the faculty-wide graduate school offer a close contact with doctoral students in a large number of artistic fields.

The assessment criteria include musical experience on a high level, a familiarity with research-related issues and processes and an ability to formulate a research-related project in the subject.

The education leads to a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts in Musical Performance and Interpretation, or a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Musical Performance and Interpretation.

For more information, see the general syllabuses accessible on this web page.

Admissions to PHD programmes

When can you apply?

Students are only accepted to the Academy of Music and Drama's Ph.D. Programmes when a special call for applicants has been issued. 

The next round of admissions will be announced on the home page of the Academy of Music and Drama.

Applicants with guaranteed external funding can apply each year. For more information read the "Rules and regulations for third-cycly studies at the University of Gothenburg". 

Doctoral candidate positions

When openings in the PhD Programmes are advertised, doctoral candidate positions for the same duration as the Ph.D. Programme requires (i.e., four years) will also be advertised. This means that Ph.D. students and doctoral candidates will be employed for a fixed four-year term and at a fixed salary. The starting salary is SEK 28,050 per month. Once a student has completed 50% of the Ph.D. Programme, their monthly salary will be raised to SEK 30,450. Once 80% of the programme has been completed, it will be raised again to SEK 32,900.