University of Gothenburg

Anika Barkan: ABANDONED

Put your hand on the doorknob. A squeaking sound of rusty hinges- followed by the echo of the abandoned house… ABANDONED is an immersive performance-sound-installation, that explores the abandoned. Entering the forgotten, allowing yourself to be lead, by the cracks in the walls, the unnoticed detail, the beauty, and brutality of decay. Are you willing to get lost?

A wall with posters and a piece of peeling wallpaper

ABANDONED is created by MØR collective, an interdisciplinary and international artist collective. Behind this production is performance-maker Anika Barkan, composer Mika Forsling and video artist Troels Jensen. 
It is created through immersive research conducted in abandoned houses in rural areas of the north of Denmark. It will be performed in village community houses, in these rural areas in the summer of 2022. 

Anika Barkan is a Danish performance-maker with 27 years of versatile and international background within experimental dance and performance. She is presenting a work-in-progress of ABANDONED as part of her MFA in Contemporary Performance Art at Gothenburg University. 
The focus of her master is how to awaken resonance and deepening the embodied experience for the audience using, fragmented, non-linear dramaturgy, and participatory and interdisciplinary artistic practices. 
She is sspecially looking at the arrival into an experience and the departing from an experience, in an artistic event.

You are invited to a work-in progress showing of ABANDONED, at Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg on Friday 25th of February @ 1 pm & 7 pm , Saturday  26 th @ 12.15 pm.

…drawn by the unknown- wondering into the past- to find the present.

Maximum of 21 audience members per showing - no pre-booking possible.