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Student playing drums and lecturer playing violin in the classroom.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Application periods: Academy of Music and Drama

The arts programmes have more application deadlines than other programmes at the University of Gothenburg. To help you keep track of all the important dates, we have collected them here.

* Please note

The following application dates are approximate and may vary by one or two days due to weekends and public holidays. For the exact dates and the complete dates for the application process and admission tests, please see the information for each programme.

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1 December - 15 January*

Courses start in the following autumn term.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Fine Arts

15 February - 15 March*

Courses run from June to August of the same year.

15 March - 15 April*

Courses start in the autumn term of the same year.

Teacher Education Programmes

Freestanding courses autumn term

Culture school teacher (In Swedish only)

15 September - 15 October*

Courses start in January of the following year.

Freestanding courses spring term

Culture school teacher (In Swedish only)