University of Gothenburg
A big band with world music students on stage, the image has motion blur
Photo: Jonas Simonson

Freestanding courses

Do you want to broaden your education, knowledge and skills or learn something new just for your own pleasure? Freestanding courses are given continuously during the academic year and subjects vary as do the levels of the courses. Lessons can be in the evening or during day-time and can be distance-courses or on-campus in Gothenburg.


To be eligible for our freestanding courses, basic qualifications are required as well as special qualifications in some cases. Documentation of your qualifications may be required for admission, as well as other materials such as recordings or an interview etc.

Applications to courses can be made by someone who has already been admitted and is attending a educational programme as well as by external applicants who wish to broaden existing knowledge and skills or acquire a deeper degree of specialisation in some field.

During the past year, freestanding courses have been available in conducting, improvisation, music drama, world music ensemble, sound design, counterpoint, orchestration, organ, rhythmics and vocal method, among other subjects.

All the courses listed on this page are held in English. The Academy of Music and Drama offers a vast variety of courses held in Swedish. A complete list with all singel subject courses can be found on our Swedish page.