University of Gothenburg
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Networks and collaborations

The Academy of Music and Drama collaborates with the following networks and organisations.

Drama research in Sweden

Swedish network for research on drama and theatre, presenting and discussing current and ongoing research in relation to education at the annual conference DiS, Dramaforskning.

EAS – European association for music in schools

ISME – International Society for Music Education

NEÄL – Nätverket Estetiska Ämnen i Lärarutbildningen

The network is aimed at institutions and individuals who work with or have an interest in aesthetic subjects and learning processes in teacher education or other pedagogical education. It started in 2016 and organises an annual conference.

NIFTI – Network for Intersectional Feminist Transdisciplinary Inquiry

This network was established in the spring of 2019 with the aim of gathering researchers from the Artistic Faculty - and promoting new research within the faculty - in writing retreats, writing workshops for fellows and symposia in the form of think tanks where participants can share ongoing work.

NKFM – Nationellt Nätverk för Konstnärlig Forskning i Musik

The focus of this network are recurring meetings where the musical artistic practice and related research issues are at the center. The network meetings are centered around artistically exploratory musical presentations as well as workshops, concerts and installations.

NNMPF – Nordic Network of Research in Music Education

NOFOD – Nordic forum for dance research