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Seminarium med Professor Lesley Head, Wollongong University: "The Anthropoceneans"


The Unit for Human Geography at the Department of Economy and Society invites you to a research seminar with Professor Lesley Head from Wollongong University and Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research.

Seminar title: ”The Anthropoceneans”
Date: Tuesday 11 November 2014
Time: 13:15–15:00
Room: F43

The Anthropoceneans
“I will reflect on what it means to be a citizen of the Anthropocene. Defined by its proponents as characterized by rapid, unpredictable change at planetary scales, the Anthropocene promises a world that has been shaped by human activity but is now threatening to spiral out of human control. What kinds of subjects are we, will we be, and will we need to be? What kinds of characteristics, sensibilities and capacities will work best in a world for which we have no past or present analogues? And how will/might/should these differ from the Holoceneans and the Moderns?”