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Ny GRI-rapport: Exploring the Performativity Turn in Management Studies


GRI-rapport 2013:2
Exploring the Performativity Turn in Management Studies
Av Andreas Diedrich, Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist, Lena Ewertsson, Johan Hagberg, Anette Hallin, Fredrik Lavén, Kajsa Lindberg, Elena Raviola,
Egle Rindzeviciute, Lars Walter

One of the contemporary “turns” in management studies is the “performativity” turn. In this paper, we present a genealogy of the concept of performativity as it has been used in management and organization studies (MOS). Starting with the work of Austin, Bateson, Goffman and Lyotard, we move on to more recent debates surrounding the use of the concept by Butler and the STS researchers Callon, Latour and Law, as well as how their ideas have been further translated within MOS. The focus is on how the concept is defined and on the areas of study where performativity has been used. Taken together, the approach to performativity employed has implications for how the concept is understood and translated. Finally, we discuss the particular ontological position of the performative perspective, and its methodological consequences.

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