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Marie Eneman om AI och utmaningar kring brottsbekämpning

marie enemanForskarna Marie Eneman (bilden) och Jan Ljungberg var inbjudna till konferensen AI and its challenges to law enforcement som arrangerades av Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut och Polismyndigheten 6 maj.

Marie Eneman var inbjuden som talare under rubriken Ethical and Legal aspects of Technological regulation of harmful and illegal content in the digital society. Hon är även inbjuden att skriva ett bokkapitel kring detta som kommer ingå I den antologi som ges ut av konferensen till hösten 2019.

Om konferensen:
The Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and the Swedish Police Authority will organize a conference on the challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to law enforcement on 6 May 2019. Insights from the conference will prepare law enforcement authorities, as well as the researcher communities supporting them, in effectively and proportionately combatting AI-related crimes, and leveraging the possibilities of artificial intelligence in policing. The conference will facilitate mutual exchange of ideas and experiences between law enforcement authorities, academia, and industry. Approximately 20 countries worldwide have developed national AI-strategies. While these are generally reflective of research, development, education, and enrollment in the public sector, few nations have made AI and its challenges to law enforcement a national strategic priority. However, nascent technical, social, and legal research alludes to pressing policy concerns regarding both the malicious use of AI and the criminal law aspects thereof, as well as with respects to the alignment of AI tools with policing strategies, operative needs, ethical and legal context of technology-driven policing. The conference audience is predominantly composed of decision-makers from law enforcement authorities, industry and researchers. The conference has a closed format and participation is by invitation only.