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IIM student starts company-pioneer in the 3D bioprinting field

Bild på bioprinterOne of our current graduating students Erik Gatenholm from the MSc Innovation and Industrial Management programme just started his own company CELLINK. He and his partner Ivan Tournier are pioneers in the 3D bioprinting field by producing the ink that the 3D printers use. It is the first universal bioink for the creation of living and fully functional 3D tissue models. Made from biocompatible polymers and cells, this ink could potentially be used for about everything in the human body, from cartilage and bone structures to theoretically even entire organs.

This innovation could bring the bioprinting revolution much closer by reducing the time companies and research institutes are spending on developing suitable bioinks and human tissue structures themselves. CELLINK is releasing the world´s first 3D bioprinting ´Start-ink’ kit, which can be used to quickly develop bioink. Read more about it in this article.

Both entrepreneurs have an extensive background in biotechnology. Already at the age of 18 Erik started his first medical device company. His partner Ivan has a background in the 3D bioprinting field and is currently finishing his MBA at the Isam-Iae University in France.

We are looking forward to hear more about this exciting venture!