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Barbara Czarniawska keynote vid The Research Plattform Organizations & Society


Barbara Czarniawska, senior professor vid GRI, var inbjuden som keynote speaker på decembermötet vid Research Platform Organizations & Society, University of Innsbruck.

Den 16 december pratade hon om: Organizations as obstacles to organizing.

”The received view of organizations is that they are tools used to achieve collective goals. This text presents the possibility that, like all tools that become cumbersome, obsolete, or simply inadequate, organizations can hinder organizing. Like tools, they do have a solid existence that cannot be ignored. And just like tools, they can be put to unexpected uses: they can become an obstacle to the achievement of collective goals.
A return to the generic meaning of the term, ”organization” as a synonym of constructed order may reveal intricacies of organizing that have been obscured by the presently ruling conceptualization.”

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