Food packaging made of plastics may include harmful chemicals.
There are risks associated with the chemicals that are in plastic packaging for food.
Foto: Igor Ovsyannykov via Pixabay

Hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging

Research project

Kort beskrivning

The problem with plastic pollution is a growing environmental concern and a growing field of research. This project focused on the risks associated with the chemicals that are in plastic packaging.

Countless industries use plastic packaging. Recycling companies aim to recycle it. But what do we know about the chemicals that are found in this packaging? The aim of this project was to compile current scientific information regarding hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging and make it accessible to all stakeholders. The project also explored substitution options.

From the University of Gothenburg, the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences (Prof. Thomas Backhaus and Dr. Bethanie Carney-Almroth) and the Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (Dr. Daniel Slunge) were engaged.