Land Use in the Context of Land Reform Implementation: the case of Musanze District, Rwanda

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Avdelningen för kulturgeografi, Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Kort beskrivning

A land tenure reform programme was introduced in Rwanda after the amendment of the Constitution in 2003, and comprised mainly a land registration and titling programme and a land use programme. The PhD research project included studies on both these programmes in Musanze district in northern Rwanda.

Doktorand: Emmanuel Muyombano
Handledare: Margareta Espling

First, the early effects of the land registration and titling programme on tenure security and agricultural investment as experienced by smallholder farmers were studied, mainly focusing on tenure security, the collateral value of land and the local land market.

Secondly, the land use consolidation programme was studied and its early effects at household level, as experienced by small-scale farmers. Key research themes included the provision and use of agricultural inputs, the participatory aspects in decision-making and differences in the implementation. It also analyses the effects on livelihoods of vulnerable groups, people with limited or no land with a focus on food security and the role played by farming cooperatives.