Integration at the Neighborhood Level: Cross-National Comparisons of Refugee Segregation, Identity, and Inclusion

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5.1 million SEK
2023 - 2027
Department of Political Science

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Cities across the world experienced influxes of refugees in recent decades, contributing to a rise in ethnic residential segregation and conflicts over national identity. This project runs simultaneous large-n, face-to-face surveys and experiments with migrant and host populations. Replicating aspects of earlier VR-funded research on refugees living in non-Western settings (Jordan and Turkey), this project will make comparisons with those residing in the West (Sweden and the United States). Focusing the study on a single set of refugees—Syrians who constitute the largest displaced population in the world—allows increased precision for these cross-country comparisons. The study provides voice to marginalized migrant populations often left out of research due to preference for cheaper and easier online surveying.