Online seminar with Lena Pareto and Sofia Serholt

Naturvetenskap & IT
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Online seminar by professor Lena Pareto and senior Lecturer Sofia Serholt. The seminar is hosted by the Gothenburg group.

17 sep 2021
Hela dagen
Online on Zoom.

Designing learning artefacts and studying their use

Presentation by Lena Pareto

A three-layered model of a learning artefact using simulation, games and virtual agents will be presented and discussed from a technological and a pedagogical perspective addressing possibilities and challenges with the respective techniques and the learning.  The ideas are illustrated with a learning artefact addressing conceptual understanding of arithmetic. Then, issues and challenges of studying learning artifacts in the classroom will be discussed based on 20 years of experience trying to accomplish this.  

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Studies of a tutee robot

Presentation by Sofia Serholt 

Following from Pareto’s earlier work on game-based mathematics, this presentation focuses on research where the learning artifact in question has been augmented with a social robot. Drawing on learning-by-teaching and the game’s teachable agent, the robot features as a tutee to primary school children. How the interaction unfolds between children and the robot tutee will be discussed, as will preliminary results comparing the tutoring of the robot tutee to that of a younger child.