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Gothenburg Democracy Talks: Roland Paulsen

Samhälle & ekonomi

Unlocking Potential: The Promise of Technology in Reducing Work Hours

26 apr 2024
12:00 - 13:30
Dragonen, Sprängkullsgatan 19

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The seminar will be held in Dragonen, Sprängkullsgatan 19, Gothenburg, and will also be live-streamed on our Youtube-channel. It is free to attend but please sign up below.
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Roland Paulsen is a sociologist, author, and a Senior Lecturer at Lund University. Paulsen’s research focuses on the sociology of work, medical sociology, cultural studies, the meaning of work and also the meaninglessness of work, which are the subjects of two of his books: Return to Meaning: A Social Science with Something to Say (2017), and Empty Labor: Idleness and Workplace Resistance (2014). In addition to this academic work, Paulsen regularly writes for Dagens Nyheter, Swedens largest daily newspaper.


Welcome & Introduction
Urban Strandberg, Managing Director IYTT

Unlocking Potential: The Promise of Technology in Reducing Work Hours
Sociologist, author, and Senior Lecturer at Lund University.

Youth Fellows’ Commentators Panel

Open Floor Discussion

This Gothenburg Democracy Talk is part of the International Youth Think Tank’s ongoing work on Revaluing Work Models and Monetary Measures. Following the presentation by our distinguished guest speaker, a pair of our Youth Fellows will reflect on the subject at hand and give a brief overview of the ideas developed by the think tank so far.

If you are interested, feel free to take part of our previously published Working Paper, Policy Brief and Youth Panel on the subject.

This lunch seminar series is organized by the Department of Law at the University of Gothenburg and the IYTT-International Youth Think Tank, in collaboration with the student-led lunch event organizer Brännpunkt Europa. It is financed by Gustav Adolf Bratts föreläsningsfond.