svartvit bild på fyra festklädda kvinnor 1956
Kvinnliga studenter på diplomeringsmiddagen 1956
Foto: Handelshögskolan

100 years of solitude: Gender and equality at the School of Business, Economics and Law

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This year the School of Business, Economics and Law celebrate its centennial. A hundred years of knowledge and progress! However, some things progress slower than others. When the school was founded in 1923, eleven students and a handful of teachers, all men, constituted the totality of the school. In 1959 the school had 500 students, 17 of whom were women. In 1994 the school got its first, and so far, only female dean, and in 1995 the school got its first female professor.

8 mar 2023
15:00 - 16:30
SEB-salen, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1


Fast forward to 2023. The School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg is among the best in class when it comes to female professors, compared to other business schools in Sweden. Still, only 30% percent of the school’s professors are women, and only 20% of the professors in Business Administration and Economics. A hundred years in, it is still a somewhat solitary existence for women in Business schools, especially in certain disciplines. How can we avoid heading towards another 100 years of solitude?

At this seminar we will discuss the issue of gender in Business Schools, and what can be done to achieve equality and equal opportunities.

The seminar is open for all. No registration.


15.00-15.10 Welcome!

Introduction and statistics of gender equality at the School of Business, Economics and Law
Maria Norbäck

15.10-15.35 Gender in academia

Nanna Gillberg

15.35-15.45 Experiences from a mentoring program for women academics

Ewa Wikström

15.45-16.30 Panel debate with

Per Cramér, Dean, School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
Lillemor Dahlgren, gender equality coordinator at the University of Gothenburg
Birgitta Jordansson, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Work Scien
ce. Birgitta has worked with and studied gender and equality issues within the academy.