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In today's globalised and rapidly changing world, understanding and knowledge of the challenges of companies and organisations in social, ecological and economic dimensions are required. At the School of Business, Economics and Law, there are several strong research environments with a focus on sustainable development from a variety of perspectives, which is also reflected in all of our education. We believe that it is of importance that our students develop understanding, knowledge and tools to be able to handle the societal challenges of the future.

As part of this work, the school arranges special Sustainability Days for the students. The days are a complement to the sustainability education given within the programmes various courses and provide an opportunity for students from our various programmes to discuss challenges and solutions to important societal challenges together with companies and representatives of civil society and public organisations.
The three Sustainability Days at the Bachelor's level have been mandatory since the start in 2013 and focus on challenges, responsibilities and solutions. The Sustainability Days at the Master's level have been arranged since 2019 and focus on the transition to a sustainable society and sustainable jobs.

Sustainability Day for Bachelor’s students

First Year

The theme for the Day's first year is Challenges and the purpose is to give the students an idea of the social, economic, and environmental challenges that humanity and the world face. Students choose between several parallel sessions on different themes, where everything from economists and lawyers to scientists and business representatives participates. Together, they provide a complementary picture of sustainability challenges at the global as well as the local level, and how these challenges are understood from different perspectives. Topics include for example; migration challenges, climate change, global energy supply challenges and human rights work. 

Second Year

In year two, the School arranges a Day focusing on organisational and personal responsibility- problematising the roles of various actors in a globalised world. During the day, students get to reflect and problematise concepts and ideas about responsibility, consumer power, ethics and the importance of information. Representatives from academia, businesses and the public sector are taking part during the day.

Third Year

The third and final Day at the undergraduate level focuses on Solutions. As in the previous years, students are offered the opportunity to choose between several different sessions, where researchers and representatives from the public sector and businesses present various ways and initiatives to achieve more sustainable solutions. In one of the sessions, for example, students get to work on developing solutions to specific challenges and then present to a panel of experts.

Sustainability Day for Master’s students

First Year

Global Transitions

The School starts with Sustainability Day Global Transitions for first-year Master's students. The day is based on the increasing understanding among both businesses and government, that the transformation towards resource- and climate efficient economies are moving too slow. Questions about what would be required for a much faster transition are addressed during the day, as well as what role the public sector, businesses and civil society can play in that transition.

Second Year

Global Transitions - Towards Sustainable Jobs
During the fifth and final day, the focus is on career opportunities in the field of sustainability, and professionals from different fields share their advice and experience.