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Labb på MPE Core Facility
Photo: Charbel Sader

The Elisabet "Bollan" Lindén Stipend

In the testament of Elisabeth Lindén, The University of Gothenburg received a gift of 2.4 million Swedish kronor for medical research. The Core Facilities at the Sahlgrenska Academy has been assigned by the vice-chancellor to allocate the scholarship, as it is a platform with the opportunity to support medical research from a broad perspective.

The scholarship is announced to young researchers working at the Sahlgrenska Academy and should be used for work performed at the platforms within Core Facilities. The aim is to acquire knowledge and utilize techniques and services in Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Advanced Microscopy, Cell Culture/Protein Production, Biobank, Genomics or use the Animal Facility (EBM). 

The stipend is not intended to cover costs for purchase of equipment, and costs for material and animals may only compose one third of the applied amount. The call and the evaluation of applications are handled by the faculty's Council for Core Facilities. A total sum of 250,000 SEK per year will be distributed to a maximum of 5 scholars. A researcher can be granted the stipend maximum two times.

We welcome you to contact each facility manager to discuss the study's design and costs (you can find contact information in the contact box).

Who can apply?

Young researchers active in medical research at the Sahlgrenska Academy. This means that doctoral (PhD) students or researchers who have obtained their PhD degree no more than 5 years ago (parental leave excluded) is the target group.


The application is to be written in English and sent in through the online application form.

The following information is required for a complete application:

  • The applicant's institutional affiliation at the Sahlgrenska Academy
  • Motivation/shorter project description (max 150 words) and a research plan in English (to be attached as a pdf-document, maximum 2 pages including references, pictures, tables, etc.). Clearly describe what value the usage of the research infrastructure at the Core Facilities will add to the study.
  • Curriculum vitae including academic degrees, previous and current appointments and listed scientific publications (maximum 2 pages).
  • An estimated total cost calculation for the project and the amount applied for must be stated (max. 75,000 kr).

The web-based application form is divided into 4 steps, each of which must be complete before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Personal data.
  2. Research project.
  3. Cost calculation.
  4. Final review and submission.

After submitting the form, a copy of the application is automatically sent to the group leader/supervisor for approval. Once the approval has been received, the examination of the application can begin.

Application Period

The application period opens on the 5th of May and closes on the 30th of June. The stipends will be awarded mid-October, and the money are disposable until December following year.

Note that no transfer of funds is made directly to the scholar. As the funds are used within the Core Facilities, the costs are deducted from the grant.


Received applications will be evaluated and ranked by expert group appointed by members of the Sahlgrenska Academy's Council for Core Facilities. Rules for bias are applied, and bias is defined for these scholarships as ongoing or previous cooperation with the applicant or his/her supervisor (time limit 5 years). Delicacy disqualification is defined as for other government agencies. The fact that the evaluator in question is in the same department as the applicant is therefore not regarded as a bias/disqualification. When prioritizing submitted applications, these will be graded on a scale of 1-5 according to the following criteria:

  • Research question
  • Methodology
  • Competence/Feasibility
  • Medical relevance
  • Delivered report (on renewed application)


Decisions on granted applications are taken by the Sahlgrenska Academy's Council for Core Facilities based on the recommendation of the expert group's overall assessments.


Contact Facility Managers

Åsa Torinsson Naluai


Marcela Davila


Center for Cellular Imaging
Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez


Experimental Biomedicine
Marie Hornfelt


Per Sikora


Mammalian Protein Expression
Malin Bäckström


Carina Sihlbom