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Here is why it is important for students to handle AI

Learning AI Empowers Students for Future Career Roles


The issue of AI cheating with Chat GPT at educational institutions has garnered attention and sparked discussions about the challenges within artificial intelligence (AI). However, the rise of AI also presents new opportunities and tools for students. Mari Paananen from the School of Business, Economics, and Law in Gothenburg emphasizes the importance of being able to handle large amounts of data in future professional roles.

As the rapid technological advancements continue, AI and machine learning have become hot topics among many. New tools that enable students to leverage the vast amount of data in our digitized society can assist them in a time when AI and machine learning are gaining increasing prominence in the workplace.

"In today's society, students must be capable of managing and processing data, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the necessary tools," says Mari Paananen, a docent in business administration.

In the video above, Mari Paananen further elaborates on why it is crucial for students at the Handelshögskolan School to have the tools to handle significant amounts of data.

Text & video: Simon Fredling Jack, Communications Officer.