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Teaching sustainable development in a global perspective

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This course addresses how aspects of sustainable development can be integrated into students´ learning process by increasing awareness of sustainability issues. It aims to increase your ability to reflect on issues of sustainable development across education. The course is oriented around three thematic strands:

  • Human inventions and their impact on society and the environment,
  • Social participation and the politics of engagement,
  • Personal and curriculum values in relation to life on earth

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Please note!

When this course is offered during summer, it is part of University of Gothenburg’s international Summer School for Sustainability. The Summer School gathers Swedish and international students and offers a broad extra-curricular program to which participants can attend. The Summer School has different application periods and processes.

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This course is open to

Exchange students at the Faculty of Education and exchange students on a university-wide agreement. Please contact your international coordinator at the University of Gothenburg if you need to know more.

This course can be combined with

This course can be combined with the other courses in the Education Science track; PDG091, PDG093 and PDG089. It can also be combined with one of the following courses from the Teacher Education track (only for Teacher Education students); LÖVU00, L3VU00, L6VU00, as well as with either L3EN10 or L6EN10.


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