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HR Analytics

HR/People Analytics – possibilities and challenges (in English)

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HR-/People Analytics focus on how companies and public organization use data driven and digital methods, tools, and different ways of working, to improve decision making within human resource management.

19 okt 2021
14:00 - 16:00
Zoom (online seminar)
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Sista anmälningsdag
18 oktober 2021

Freddy Hällstén
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HR-/People Analytics provide the opportunity to connect HR data to business and performance, which in turn can give an organisation better prospect on reaching its targets, as well as highlighting the HR function as a more strategic role.  

However, there are several challenges before the concept of HR-/People Analytics can reach this potential, e.g., traditional information systems, basic HR processes, lacking skills in analytics as well as traditional compliance-oriented HR culture. Maybe there is a risk (or possibility?) that analytical systems and artificial intelligence eventually will take over the decision making from HR specialists and managers at different levels. So-called algorithmic management has started to grow, which may make it necessary to raise various ethical and legal concerns that could follow.  

We will in this seminar present and discuss issues like the ones mentioned above, as well as address the difference between HR Analytics and People Analytics (or is it simply the same thing?).  

To discuss this, we are happy to invite some interesting guest speakers, who will present their views on the topic of HR-/People Analytics and how it is related to big data and artificial intelligence, from both an empirical and theoretical perspective. 

The speakers are:   

  • Jeremias Adams-Prassl, Professor of Law, Magdalen College and Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, United Kingdom 

Theme: The rise of artificial intelligence at work, algorithmic management and people analytics, how it’s not come for our jobs, but started to manage us. Highlight some of the advantages, demonstrate some of the perils, and then think through how this fits into our traditional models of labour market regulation. 

Recommended article: What if Your Boss Was an Algorithm? The Rise of Artificial Intelligence at Work

  • Pauli Dahlbom, Head of Workforce Analytics, Houston Analytics 

  • Noora Siikanen, Talent Management Consultant, Toptier, from Jyväskylä University, Finland

Theme: Big data and HR analytics in the digital era. Focusing on how the HR function takes advantage of human resource analytics (HRA), and discuss the implications of the HRA-induced role transformation of the HR function. The study is based on interviews in nine leading Finnish companies.  

Recommended article (abstract): Big data and HR analytics in the digital era

After each presentation, Bertil Rolandsson, associate professor, Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg, will provide comments and ask some questions. The audience will be able to ask questions to the speakers via the chat function in Zoom.  

Moderator: Freddy Hällstén, Director, Centre for Global HRM, University of Gothenburg.