Digital Humanities: Knowledge and Critique in a Digital Age

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NOTE: The seminar starts at 15:15 and Berry and Fagerjord will join our discussion at 16:00.

17 nov 2020
15:00 - 17:00

David M. Berry is Professor of Digital Humanities at University of Sussex. He is interested in the theoretical and medium-specific challenges of understanding digital and computational media, particularly algorithms, software and code. His work draws on digital humanities, critical theory, political economy, social theory, software studies, and the philosophy of technology.

Anders Fagerjord is Head of Department at Department of Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies at University of Bergen at University of Bergen and Associate Professor of Media and Communication at University of Oslo. He studies how technology influences on communication in order to create better media which includes research interests in media innovation, humanist design theory, digital humanities, location-based media, multimedia, convergence and semiotics.

Suggested reading, from their book Digital Humanities: Knowledge and Critique in a Digital Age (Polity Press 2017):
Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 5: Research Infrastructures

Chapter 6: Digital Methods and Tools

Chapter 8: Towards a Critical Digital Humanities

The book is available as E-book at some University libraries.