Jonas Flodén

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business Administration
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 610
40530 Göteborg

About Jonas Flodén

Dr Jonas Flodén has a PhD in Business Administration focusing on logistics. He is a senior lecturer (associate professor) at the Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Dr Flodén received his PhD in 2007 on a thesis on modelling of intermodal transport systems. His main research areas are intermodal freight transport and business models.  Teaching areas include intermodal transport, supply chain management and information systems.

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Research areas

  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Modelling
  • Business models
  • Energy

Research in progress

  • Transparent informationshantering och samverkan för ökad säkerhet vid transport av farligt gods (TISS), 2016-08 - 2021-12

Teaching areas

  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • Information systems

Selected publications

Business models for sustainable biofuel transport: the potential for intermodal transport
Flodén, Jonas, Williamsson, Jon
Journal of Cleaner Production, 113:1 February, 2016

Essentials of Information Systems
Flodén, Jonas

Supply chain network competition in time-sensitive markets
Nagurney, Anna, Min, Yu, Flodén, Jonas, Nagurney, Ladimer, S.
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 70:October, 2014

Supply chain network competition in price and quality with multiple manufacturers and freight service providers
Nagurney, Anna, Saberi, Sara, Shukla, Shivani, Flodén, Jonas
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 77:May, 2015

Information flows supporting hinterland transportation by rail
Almotairi, Badi, Flodén, Jonas, Stefansson, Gunnar, Woxenius, Johan
Research in Transportation Economics, 33:1, s. 15-24, 2011